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I'm happy that I am able to share my Mandala practice with my new yoga community in Florida. Over a decade ago I began making a mandala every day. Just fill the circle. It is the best creative warm up and was very informative as shapes came and developed and reemerged over time. It is a meditative and satisfying practice. This week saw the opening of the Lake Worth Yoga Collective downtown, launched by our favorite local yogis. Integral to their mission for the community, they have invited me to teach a Mandala workshop on April 27, from 1-3 pm. I have taught this workshop at my beloved NY yoga studio, Liberation, and other locations. People are always blown away by this engaging and intuitive creative exercise. Adrea Robles, owner of Liberation, began a significant creative journey as a result of my Mandala Workshop. She eventually got an exhibit from her practice. See her blog here:

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